Full Form of Computer Language

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Full Form of Computer Language

👉 HTML:- Hypertext markup language
👉 VBS:- visual basic scripting language
👉 JS:- Java Script
👉 XSL:- Extensible stylesheet language
👉 ASP:- Active server pages
👉 JSP:- Java server pages
👉 SQL:- Structured query language
👉 CSS:- Cascading style sheet
👉 COBOL:- Common business-oriented language
👉 ALGOL:- Algorithmic language
👉 PHP:- Hypertext preprocessor

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👉 ADO:- Active data object
👉 J2EE:- Java 2 platform Enterprise edition
👉 FORTRAN:- Formula translating
👉 CFML:- Cold fusion markup language
👉 PERL:- Practical extraction reporting language
👉 PROLOG:- Programming In logic
👉 Oracle:- Oak Ridge analytical and common logical engine
👉 MS WINDOWS:- Microsoft wide interactive networking development for office work solutions
👉 BCPL:- Basic combined programming language

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