Insurance-Related Full Forms

Friends in this Post Insurance-Related Full Forms our team has written some most important full forms, for those people who work in Insurance and for those who want to buy insurance but don’t know about their full forms it can be help full for them.

Insurance-Related Full Forms

Sn.Short FormFull Forms
1 HLV Human Life Value
2 IRDAI Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority of India
3 NAV Net Asset Value
4 LIC Life Insurance Corporation
5 ULIP Unit Linked Insurance plan
6 PPT Premium Paying Term
7 SA Sum Assured
8 WOP Waiver Of Premium
9 WFYP weightage of First-Year Premium
10NOP No. Of Policy
11 PLI Public Liability Insurance
12 EEI Electronic Equipment Insurance
13 MWP Married Women’s Property Act
14 CIN Client Index Number
15 CIP College Insurance Plan
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17 YIB Your Insurance Broker
18 TIA The Insurance Application
19 TLO Total Loss Only
20 SHI Social and Health Insurance
21 PRI Political Risk Insurance
22 RC Replacement Cost
23 OTP Optional Term Policy
24 NAIS National Association of Insurance Service
25 JIF Joint Insurance Fund
26 IWA Insurance World Agency
27 HSR Health and Safety Risk
28 GPA Group Personal Accident
29 GTI Group Term Insurance
30 EPI Evidence of Property Insurance
31 CII Certificate in Insurance
32 CIN Client Index Number

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