IT (Information Technology) Related Words Full Form

Friends in This Post IT (Information Technology) Related Words Full Form I have posted some most Important full forms. It can help you in competitive exams as well as for increasing your knowledge level of the IT Sector.

IT (Information Technology) Related Words Full Form

APK 👉 Android Application Pages
DNS 👉 Domain Name System
CNC 👉 Computerised Numerical Control
HTTP 👉 HyperText Transfer Protocol
MMS 👉 Multimedia Messaging Service
SEO 👉 Search Engine Optimization
IT 👉 Information Technology
JS 👉 Java Script
APL 👉 Automatic Programming Language
URL 👉 Uniform Resource Locator

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WIFI 👉 Wireless Fidelity
USB 👉 Universal Serial Bus
SDK 👉 Software Development Kit
DDL 👉 Data Definition Language
SRC 👉 Sample Rate Conversion
DML 👉 Data Manipulation Language
ISM 👉 Information Service Manager
SMS 👉 Short Message Service
VIRUS 👉 Vital Information Resources Under Seize
SMS 👉 Short Message Service
DNS 👉 Domain Name System
ASP 👉 Active Server page
API 👉 Application Programming Interface

DQL 👉 Data Query Language
XNX 👉 Xerox Network Service
DDL 👉 Data Definition Language
PDP 👉 Plasma Display Panel
RIP 👉 routing Information Protocol
VM 👉 Virtual Machine
OSS 👉 Open Source Software

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